Todays DSLR technology opens up exciting opportunities for photographers and film makers, and the wedding industry is no different; with an increasing number of couples seeing video as an integral part of documenting their big day - this one day workshop is designed to get you on your feet.



Tailored for Photographers & Wedding Photographers



As a photographer you already possess many of the skills required to shoot great video; An understanding of light & colour, composition skills, storytelling and. of course, your hands-on abilities with a camera - all give you a real head start in getting to grips with DSLR film-making.

This workshop is designed to show you real world, practical, easy to follow solutions  without the need for expensive equipment, from set-up to final cut.


Practical & Effective Techniques


We'll give you tips on how to tackles the specific challenges of shooting a wedding on DSLR - and we'll even show you how to shoot photos and video from a single camera - giving you the opportunity to learn more to earn more

As well as the technical side, we'll also look at the creative side of filming & editing; equipping with some tips and tricks to make sure your productions stand out from the crowd and wow your audience.


What do we cover?



  • Equipment
  • Camera Set-up 
  • Filming


  • Workflow
  • Techniques
  • Storytelling


  • Titling & FX
  • Colour Grading
  • Delivery & Formats

 * Adaptable according to your needs


Our place or yours?

We live and work in the Carmen, Valencia's old town; and with its mixture of beautiful old churches and parks its the perfect place to go out shooting, test out techniques and take a welcome break - But we're equally happy to come to you! 

Flexible Timetables

Only free on Tuesday evenings?  Maybe you'd prefer a single 9 hour Sunday session?  We like to be as flexible as possible with your timetables and will do what we can to fit into your schedule.




Individual Classes or Small Groups - bring friends, save money!



  Precios per Person. IVA not included.



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